Texas Shuts Out Minnesota 7-0!


Tim’s Texas team sent Minnesota to a seven run loss with a shutout, 7-0. No balls left the park, although leadoff hitter Ken managed a two run inside-the-park-homerun during a four run third inning that opened up a 5-0, insurmountable lead. While Texas’ pitching did manage 5 K’s, their pitching wasn’t as dominating as expected for a rare shutout. The game mirrored Monday’s matchup between S.F. and Oakland, in that the losing team always seemed to be hitting the ball right at a fielder and the winning team had perfectly placed hits.

“I think Davey’s getting a taste of what I got yesterday.” said manager Tim. “A seven run loss is never fun, but it’s even more frustrating getting shut out.” Davey’s Minnesota team, last seen on the winning side of a slugfest in the first ever night game, couldn’t muster a single home run and kept missing opportunities to fight back. Double plays ended a number of innings and with only two extra-base hits (both doubles), they rarely saw themselves in a position to score.


Tim: Wins by 7 runs ($0.25 + $0.35), 5 K’s ($0.25), 1 HRs ($0.05), Shutout ($2.00) = $2.90
Davey: nothing = $0.00
Total: Davey owes Tim $2.90
Lifetime: Davey owes Tim $0.80

Series Lifetime: Davey 5, Tim 5
K’s Lifetime: Tim: 45, Davey 57
HR Lifetime: Tim 17, Davey 20


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